Wednesday, 3 February 2016

January Favorites 2016

Well January 2016 is already over! It only seems like last week we were celebrating new year... I decided that this year I would like to keep up with my monthly favorites and make sure I do them every single month. So lets kick it off with my January favorites 2016!!!

Heel Genius
My Mam bought me this foot cream for Christmas because she knows how much I hate my feet. I have been loving this so much! After using this for a few days, I could already see and feel the difference. My feet are so soft and actually look nice for a change. I can't really describe the scent but it is definitely quite fresh. This product is completely worth the money and I will be repurchasing when I run out. It is not at all drying but isn't to sticky or heavy so it is the perfect consistency. I love putting this on at night then throwing some fluffy socks over the top for lovely, soft feet when I wake up!

Wonder Hand
Again, this was a Christmas present from my Mam. I'm not going to say too much about this as I talked about it in a review of Zoella Beauty which I will link here if you want to check that out. But it is a really good hand cream, it isn't to heavy or sticky and sinks into your skin relatively fast. It smells so nice and leaves your hands feeling super soft. I also found that after a few days your hands are free from dry skin.

Freederm Exfoliating Daily Wash
My skin has just suddenly turned horrible. Fir the past few years I have had problems with a few spots but nothing as bad as what I am having at the moment. They just seemed to appear from nowhere, but to combat them I turned to the Freederm Exfoliating Daily Wash and honestly, it has helped so much! Once you use it, you can feel it working but it is also not to harsh on your skin and doesn't make it too dry. It doesn't get rid of them immediately but it does significantly reduce the redness of them.I think it costs about five pounds but it is seriously worth it!

Real Techniques Sculpting Brush
After looking at the brush for so long, I decided just to go for it and by it and honestly that was a great decision! The brush is beautifully made and the bristles are really soft. It picks up product really well so you don't need to scrap at the product to pick it up. It applies makeup effortlessly and leaves you with a flawless contour.

Denim Shirt
Throughout January I have been loving wearing my denim shirt. I think it is such a staple in my wardrobe as it can be dressed up or down. I like to wear it with a nice top underneath or buttoned up with a pair of black jeans. Mine is from New Look and I love it so much!

Pandora Ring
Firstly, please ignore my horrible hands! My last favorite of the month is my beautiful Pandora ring. This is the flower ring and I have been looking at this for such a long time so I was so excited when my Mam and Dad bought me this for Christmas! I think this looks so pretty and looks perfect with any outfit for any event or date. I wear this so often and it is such great quality. I am currently looking at other Pandora rings because I love this one so much.

What have you been loving this month?

I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for reading!

Rachel xoxo

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

3 Top tips on How to stay organised

Hello Everyone! So basically, one of my new years resolutions was to become more organised with school, blogging and everything in between. So today I thought I would share my top three tips on how to get more organised and just feel more ready for anything life throws at you.

Keep a diary
For Christmas my Mam bought me the sprinkle of glitter diary. I flicked through it and I was really excited to use it and get my life sorted! It is beautifully decorated, easy to use and each page contains tips, tricks, special occasions and motivation. Every Sunday I sit down and write out all the things I need to remember for the next week. I just find that this keeps me prepared and reminds me of all the things I need to get done. Having a diary is really useful to organize your week in advance so I would highly recommend one to anyone who needs to sort their lives out!

Make lists
I think that to do lists are the definitely the way forward! I like to make a list the night before with everything that I need to do from when I wake up until I go to sleep. I like being able to tick things off once I have done then because I know I can just for get about it. I also made a DIY to do list board a while ago so I will link the blog post for that here so you can check it out.

Have a reorganize
I think the best way to become more organised is by reorganizing and tidying your surroundings. Whether its your bedroom, apartment or even your house, having tidy surroundings will help you to become more organised. I like to be very organised with my school stuff by sorting them in folders and after I have used something I always put it back where I got it from. And after all, don't they say 'Cluttered house, cluttered mind' (I think that's a thing?).

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for Reading!

Rachel xoxo